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Requirements Committee – Login Working Group launched


At the Requirements Committee meeting on the 14th of October, the Login Service Working Group was launched with Anastasia Founta from the ITxPT team as interim leader. Guido Di Pascale, Chairman of the Requirements Committee, requested tips and ideas regarding influential Public Transport organizations in each country to engage them in local ITxPT activities.


Requirements Committee #15 – Local Ambassadors


The 30th of September Requirements Committee meeting discussed how to engage more members in the committees and working groups. ITxPT will reach out personally and through communication channels to explain the work in the groups and committees. The meeting also decided to enhance a direct dialogue with stakeholders in each country through finding and encouraging ITxPT ambassadors who can host local events and workshops.

Rivsilon case study


Read about the Rivsilon project in the ITxPT Rivsilon Case Study. You can also get more into details about the project by reading the official Project Report.

Technical Committee meeting – new ITxPT Team member


On the 23rd of September meeting, Secretary General Anders Selling introduced Ole Anders Bae, who has joined the ITxPT team to drive the next release of the technical specification during the upcoming 2-3 months. The 2.1.1 version of the ITxPT specification will not affect implementation. Compliance with 2.1.0 means compliance with 2.1.1

Requirements Committee – meet the new Chairman


The first meeting chaired by newly elected Guido Di Pasquale was well attended and had a meet-and-greet feeling. After being introduced by Secretary-General Anders Selling, the new Chairman presented himself and his view of the Requirements Committee. The nature of the meeting also offered an opportunity to take a step back and view the whole picture.

New Committee Chairs elected


The 9th of September Executive Board meeting consolidated the implementation of the Requirements Committee and a new governance process within ITxPT. Through a unanimous decision, the Board gave the work process the go-ahead. They elected Guido Di Pasquale and re-elected Emmanuel de Verdalle for the Chair positions of the Requirements Committee and the Technical Committee for the upcoming two years. 

Technical Committee meeting – a roadmap to evolution


The 9th of September Technical Committee meeting revolved around the ITxPT roadmap towards a new specification release, the upcoming election of chairpersons, and updates from the Technical Working Group 01 and its subgroups.  

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